Welcome to Words that Wow

The power of the written word can inspire, persuade and motivate. Are your words weak or wow? Is your prose pithy or poignant? Is your copy tanking or titillating?  To ensure your words have the maximum impact I can help.

I am a writer, editor, author and marketing consultant with 20+ years of proven experience helping businesses and professionals achieve success. My vision for you is that your words leave your desired lasting impact. My passion is helping you share your story, your idea, your vision, your perspective. Here are some of the clients I love working with:

  • New authors needing editing help with their non-fiction manuscripts
  • New authors needing a copy-editor for their book and/or a coach to assist them with the cover, presentation and overall marketing of their book
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses needing assistance with their marketing copy or website
  • Business professionals needing to communicate in a persuasive and knowledgeable way who struggle with finding the right words
  • Professionals needing help with articles, press releases, small books, business correspondence, etc.
  • Companies needing a freelance writer/editor

Your word is your wand!

I edit, proof, and write a variety of online content for websites, edit professional documents and manuscripts, and integrate my marketing expertise into every engagement. I pride myself on being accountable to my clients’ objectives and exceeding their expectations. I can help you transform your lackluster copy into action-inducing content while ensuring I maintain your unique style and voice.

Natalie Jobity at the Howard Univeristy Book Signing

I am well-versed in business writing including; proposals, business plans, web copy, resumes and cover letters. I provide editing services for non-fiction books, magazine articles, blogs etc. and can ghostwrite for websites, books, articles and speeches. I have worked with ESL professionals on their content needs.

Let me help you with your:

  • Book, Website, Document Editing or Proofing.
  • Business Document, Blog or Article Editing.
  • Branding & Marketing

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