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Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style

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“If you’ve ever kicked yourself for looking dowdy when opportunity knocked or been less than impressed with the contents of your closet, after some tutoring from the knowledgeable Natalie Jobity, you’ll be transformed into one of those women you pass in the street who look their fabulous best! “Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It will help you align how you feel on the inside with how you wish you looked on the outside, so you’ll look better and exude confidence. Whether you’re angling for a promotion, looking for a date, interviewing for a new job, or wanting to be a strong role model, it’s imperative in our image-driven society that you look consistently polished, pulled together, and credible. Let Natalie will show you how to become fabulous…and flaunt it!” ~Lesley Scott, Fashion Critic & Editor in Chief, (a Top 10 Fashion Blog)

“Finally, a practical book of tips for releasing your innate beauty – from the inside out. Natalie Jobity becomes your own personal image consultant in these pages – like getting $2,000 worth of image consulting for the price of a book! I am one of Ms. Jobity’s clients, and I deeply appreciate her focus on inner as well as outer beauty. This book is a must read for sprucing up your appearance – and therefore increasing your ability to accomplish your goals. This is a book you’ll cherish and refer to over and over again.” ~ Dr. Clare Albright, Psychologist, author of, “Neurofeedback: Transforming Your Life with Brain Biofeedback”

“I HIGHLY recommend “Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style” to women of all ages! It would make an especially great gift for girls in high school and college. I wish that I’d had this advice 15 years ago when I was in high school and college! If you’ve ever gone shopping and left empty handed either because you were frustrated with the lack of options or you were overwhelmed by all of the clothes, this book is for you. If you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear or if you feel like you are stuck in a rut when it comes to your look – this book is definitely for you!

You’ll find tips on everything from ways to look thinner and taller in 10 minutes to how to shop for the best fitting undergarments within the pages of Frumpy to Fabulous. More importantly, you’ll learn how to develop a signature style that enhances your appearance while improving the way others see you and the way you see yourself. In short, this book is an invitation and guide to becoming the highest vision of yourself! With essential information like how determine your body type and the designs that are most flattering to you, “Frumpy to Fabulous” is packed with need to know advice. Natalie’s writing style is matter of fact and fun at times – it’s like getting advice from a best friend – if your best friend was one of the most knowledgeable and experienced image consultants around!” Diva Dixie Deals blog book review

Natalie Jobity at her book launching

Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I have really enjoyed reading it and intend to refer to it often. Your desire to empower women and share your positive energy and
confidence with them comes across vividly on the pages. As a “woman of a certain
age” I hate the attitude of settling in to a bland middle age that I often see. Looking
great is essential to our well-being as well as delighting those around us. Whenever
I see a well groomed, polished and attractive woman, it makes me stand straighter
and hone my own style skills. Rebecca, reader

“This book had some good hints presented in an easily understandable manner. It obviously wasn’t one of the now-common: “I just want to sell a book, but won’t actually plan what I’m going to say because it takes too long,” or–worse–“I don’t actually HAVE anything to say so I’ll just write ten pages of nonsense and charge $4 for it.”

Happy Customer buys Natalie Jobity's bookThe author is smart, has lots to say, and (while I may be totally mistaken) seems like she actually cares how you feel about yourself. Like she actually wants women to be happy, regardless of their size or shape. Sure, I kind of had a hard time feeling bad for her because she’s so tall and thin, but I’m sure she has some days that are as tough as mine are. So I appreciate her lack of condescension and that she doesn’t rub it in too much.

Overall a very helpful, very encouraging book. I approve. 😉 Amazon reviewer

So helpful! I found this much more helpful than magazines, etc. It really helps you tailor what would look good on you and your body type. It gives principles for what works and why, as well as very accessible style rather than something that requires a great deal of time, effort, and money. Yes, it’s going to require time, effort, and money, but the goal is to be practical and look good rather than trendy. Also, I’m glad she talks about how beauty radiates from within — that how we feel and what we believe really influences our outward appearance and how others react to us. Good Reads Reviewer

“I love your book. It is so well written. As a person who has struggled with being stylish and knowing what looks best on me, I found this book easy to use and very informative. In fact, I order the Kindle version in addition to the paperback so that I can take you with me when I go shopping. I actually used your book in the mall two days ago and was amazed by how helpful you tips were. I think that anyone that cares about their image could benefit tremendously from this book. I highly recommend. BTW. I love the pictures.

This terrific book allows us to take Natalie home with us so we can take a view inside our closets and follow her turn-key system for anyone to go from frumpy to fabulous. Thank you for giving moms the tools to look great and the permission to Flaunt It” ~ Mia Redrick, The Mom Strategist, Author of “Time for mom-Me”

“I just want to tell you what an amazing, positive effect your book has had on my self-confidence. I’m only 21, but I’ve already been through some big life changes, including a divorce from someone who often let me know how un-fabulous he thought I was.

All through middle and high school I had horribly low self-esteem. I have always felt ugly, uncool, and unfortunately, frumpy. It’s not that I didn’t want to look fabulous, I just didn’t know how (or think I was!). It wasn’t until toward the end of my marriage that I started to realize I am young and beautiful and smart, and I began cultivating my own confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Next month, my divorce will be final. I took the first step toward projecting the new me and went to see a hairstylist who helped me pick a fresh look and taught me how to style it. The next, more intimidating thing I wanted to do was create a personal style and invest in a new wardrobe. That’s when I found your book.

You transformed something that really scared me into a fun, ongoing adventure. Just reading your book has left me feeling fabulous, and I did something I never would have done! I went out and bought a pair of heels.

I know it will sound silly to you, because you are actually tall, but at 5’8″ I have always been afraid to wear heels! It wasn’t until I read your book and measured my inseam that I discovered my legs are about four inches “short”. I had to build up a little courage, but I went out, and I came home with a pair of 3″ heels that just make me feel amazing. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and flaunt it!

Thank you so much for your book. I know it will make a difference in so many women’s lives, and I hope you’re met with great success.” Note from a reader, Sami S

This book is the perfect instruction guide for you if you are looking to start at the beginning in creating a personal style. Right now, I am forced to completely start over with my wardrobe after having my baby. A very important thing I gleaned from this book is the fact that the shape of my figure has changed. There is a section with helpful sketches so you can determine your shape and follow the tips on how to dress it. My shape was an hourglass and now it is more of an inverted triangle (top heavy). Getting clear on this little fact is going to make a big difference in my clothing selection.

Color is also a fun topic she discusses that I was not using to my benefit. Her discussion of how we mentally sabotage ourselves was eye opening. I have always loved being a glamour girl with red lips and big jewelry, but the crowd my husband and I associate with tend to see women who are dolled up as being shallow or ditzy. My eyes were open to the fact that I had been really downplaying my looks and not being my true self because I was afraid of not coming across as an intellectual. This realization was very freeing to me.

Natalie’s writing style is very simple and conversational. It is like talking to a girlfriend. I read this book at night when I wanted to wind down and relax. It is a light read and I recommend you make notes to take shopping with you.

Aspiring New Moms, blog review
“(Natalie) covers everything you NEED to know. She starts with the basics – colors. What colors look good with this skin tone and hair color, how to find out what colors look best on you, bring out the color of your eyes with – you guessed it – color! She guides you through body shapes and how to identify what yours is. How does your body shape affect the style and fit of clothes you should be wearing. She also covers personal style, the key pieces of clothing that should be in your wardrobe, self-esteem, accessories and make-up. More importantly, she guides you to accept who you are, as you are. I identified with several of the case-studies she used and I know I’ll be able to use everything I’ve read to improve my wardrobe.

While I can’t afford to shop in boutiques and buy designer labels, all of her advice will be something I will consider the next time I’m standing in a changing room trying on clothes. If you are looking for a style boost and don’t know where to turn, pick up this book and give it a read. You might come out of it looking at your clothing in a whole different way and your style becoming a little more polished at the same time. I love bright color and have several items of clothing that I seldom wear… Well, I might just be digging them out of the bottom of my dresser to take another look at them. Easy and fun to read, Natalie Jobity writes with passion about fashion, drawing on her own experiences and of others to help you embrace your own style to look and feel your best.”

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“This book helped me immensely. I have always loved keeping up with the latest in fashion. For years I worked in the retail industry and had access to the best clothing and at a huge discount but even then, I had a difficult time putting together a stylish outfit that looked polished and put together. I would spend hours each morning changing clothes over and over because nothing ever felt of looked right. I had a closet full of expensive, great clothes but I always wound up late for work, looking and feeling unpolished and frumpy. Since becoming a mom, my style situation has worsened – immensely. I am now a single parent and caregiver for my disabled father so I don’t have to go to work each day. When I do leave the house, I usually wear something that I wouldn’t have worn to take out the garbage six years ago!

I learned from this book that I am missing many key pieces that are essential for a Wardrobe “Backbone”. These 13 pieces allow you to mix and match and add in your own signature, unique style with jewelry and other accessories. After evaluating my closet, I realized that I don’t even have a black skirt or a pair of black slacks! I do, however, have way too many pairs of jeans that do not fit. Using the criteria in the book, I was also able purge so many unflattering items from my closet that I’d held onto for years. After making the decision to craft a stylish wardrobe, I realized that I would never need those clothes and I was finally able to let go of a lot of clutter.

The most important part of “Frumpy to Fabulous”, for me, was the section on Image Saboteurs. I had a HUGE revelation. Like many women, for years I’ve neglected my image and my wardrobe. I said “I’ll get new clothes after I lose weight”. By doing this, I was really saying that I didn’t deserve to look or feel fabulous – or even good – until I was thin. After I read about the image ‘saboteurs’, I realized that I was not only doing a disservice to myself, I was being a poor role model for my daughter as well. This discovery helped me, finally, to say “I deserve to look my best now and at all times!” It was also a huge eye opener to pull all the cheap, unflattering items out of my closet and realize that instead of wasting money on those frumpy pieces, I could have put the money towards a few quality items of fantastic clothes! So I made a decision to quit buying clothes that do NOT make me look fabulous.

Which reminds me of another priceless bit of advice from this book: Natalie gives us a surefire way to avoid impulse buys. She lists a few questions to ask yourself when making a purchase and using this method is the best way to make sure that you only purchase items that will enhance your image and wardrobe. I can’t stress enough just how much I loved this book. I can’t wait to keep practicing the Fabulous advice.”
Bridget B, ‘Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It’ Reader

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